Pastor Ines Velasquez-McBryde, a Chaplain at Fuller Theological Seminary, discusses Women in Ministry and Fuller’s continued commitment to training women in Ministry.

Women in Ministry: Equally Called

Considering that it was brought to my attention that some SBC pastors are going to boycott a female teaching pastor performing a spoken word at a national conference, I am grieved at how the work is never over. Women continue to be dehumanized, the imago dei in them disrespected, and the gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit insulted.

Nevertheless, we press on. Here is the recording of the webinar Women in Ministry: Equally Called that I did for Fuller Seminary with the wonderful Jelyn Leyva who conducted the interview. Topics discussed included:

    • What is it like to study theology as a woman of color at Fuller?
    • What does Fuller believe about women in ministry?
    • How do you discern seminary and a degree?
    • What about traditional gender roles?
    • What spiritual practices sustain you?

May it encourage and challenge you.

Watch here.

Also, here is an excerpt of a profound and challenging post by my co-pastor, friend and ally Bobby Harrison. It’s a joy to co-plant the church we hope for with you, hermano! 👊🏽

Instagram post from Bobby Harrison

Here in the middle of black history month, I’ve got Sojourner Truth’s mission and message on my mind.

Once, when Truth was told the building she was to speak in would be burned if she preached, she replied, “Then I will speak to the ashes.” In our day, those ashes have arisen once more.

This week, SBC pastors have threatened boycott over the inclusion of female teaching pastor @hosanna.wong performing a spoken word at a national conference.

Ashes. Ashes, again.

Now, while I am moved by Truth’s conviction, I am burdened and broken by the world we’ve built that endlessly extinguishes the Spirit’s flame into nothing but ashes. We hope for another way, the kind of aching hope @dea.jenkins paints for us in her poetry. That though there are ashes again, there must also always be hope again: “Hope again against all hope lost.”

I am so thankful for my sister and co-pastor, @inesmcbryde, posting this week on the life changing distinction between “can I” and “may I”. And also, I’m moved once more by the re-posting of @kat_armas (Kat Armas Burrington) article at Relevant. Kat continues to advocate for a prophetic rise like the phoenix, and move us into the movement of God poured out upon all sons AND daughters (Joel 2).

My sisters, if the Lord has called you to preach or proclaim or perform, fear only the flame of the Spirit. The men with torches have no power over you. And if you must go and profess Christ’s love in the places where hearts are hard and the soil is not soft, then speak to the gravel. The rocks will cry out with you.

Just like the clouds of witnesses. Just like Sojourner.


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