Inés holding Hola Moriah children's book by Victoria Nelson

Hola Moriah

Recently I had the privilege of translating my friend Victoria Nelson’s children’s book called Hiya Moriah into spanish (Hola Moriah).

She shared this post on Instagram:

Hola! This is one of my very dear friends, Ines Velasquez-McBryde, who is also the translator for my book! I wanted you to get to know her a bit so I asked her a few questions. This lady is a powerhouse, and I love getting to share amazing people with all of you.

Ines, what is your background?

My name is Inés and I’m a pastor, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I’m originally from Nicaragua where I was raised until I moved to the USA. I’ve been in pastoral ministry for 20 years. I worked at Arkansas Children’s Hospital for 8 years where I became a CMI (Certified Medical Interpreter) and worked with Spanish-speaking families. Often I worked with children like Moriah with her same medical challenges. I watched how our Spanish-speaking families had to maneuver an already difficult diagnosis with the added barrier of linguistics.

What was the writing process of “Hola Moriah” like for you?

Translating “Hola Moriah” was a deeply spiritual and personal process for me. I read the English story like I read the Bible stories: I talk to the characters to get to know them and hear their voice. Translating Hola Moriah felt like I was talking to Moriah. Knowing Justin & Victoria as some of my best friends, was even more intimate & personal. I felt Moriah’s joy, creativity, hope and saw her as a teacher in her own right. It was an honor to capture her essence as best I could, learn from her & hear her talk in Spanish. I pray that every Spanish speaking family that holds this book would feel comforted and encouraged by Moriah speaking to them in their heart language. (Insert me, Victoria, crying in a puddle of tears on the floor).

Ines, what can we find you doing now?

I am now planting a church @thechurchwehopefor with my co-pastor Bobby Harrison @thebobharrison in Southern California. You can find me praying and hoping that we build a church that embodies the ethics of Jesus of love, mercy, compassion, justice and inclusion.

Thank you, my sister, for all you’re doing to make this world shine brighter! Go follow along on Ines’ journey @inesmcbryde ❤️❤️❤️

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