Whom have I but You?

I asked my friend Polly how was her mother doing in Kenya, considering the genocide occurring surrounding the church killings. Here is what she encouraged me with:

“Mom says hi to you, she could not go to work today, too much chaos in the city. Can you believe these people, so much hatred. The rioters are from the opposition guy’s tribe and they are now busy burning and killing people. We are all so concerned but we are also placing our trust in God, where else can we turn to? Have a lovely rest of the day.

with love,

David writes in the Psalms, “whom have I but you? and earth has nothing I desire besides you…my heart and my strength may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Truly earth has nothing to desire that compares to the Lord. You can be at home in Kenya and someone desires to burn your church down as you’re taking refuge from the political storms. You can be sitting in the ER somewhere in the United States, and a convict with a gun escapes from the guards and runs rampant in the hospital. Your child can be in school learning away, and a fellow classmate decides to kill and take his life. You can be having the best day of your life and yet, the evening news from around the world don’t change.
Jesus Christ is truly, like Piper writes, the greatest treasure and the highest pleasure and our only refuge IN the storm. Everyone else can fail us, but not the Lord. While we’re in this world, which is not our home, who else can we run to Lord? You’re the only one with words of eternal life.

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