I heart Nina Landis

We just discovered this new singing sister– rocking lyrics, rusty voice like an angel, with a heart for God’s heart for the nations, challenging complacency, crying out what we all want to get over. I highly recommend Your Blood Speaks and Tension, when you go and visit her at

Love much.
Give much.
Touch those who need a touch from you.
Be His hands and feet.
Be His very voice.
To those who are safe.
And to those who are perishing.
Be the fragrance of God in the earth.
the fragrance of Jesus, the Savior of men.
You’re more than His child.
A counterpart in all things.
Go ahead and surrender.

Road trip!

2 thoughts on “I heart Nina Landis”

  1. Love it! I clicked on Isa’s site, too, and really liked her music as well. I want the lyrics to Tension. I saw their live cd referenced on another site as well, but I can not recall which one. Good stuff, nonetheless!

  2. YEAH! can u imagine if we had her singing at the retreat with Margaret Feinberg speaking??!! it would rock Little Rock. No pun intended.

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