Ines in front of street art painting of Selena

International Women’s Day

Women weren’t historically mentioned in genealogies. When the names of the five scandalous women in the lineage of Jesus appear in Matthew 1, they literally disrupt the sound of the rhythmic Greek language in this long list of male names. There’s a disruption in the cadence and a wrinkle in time. The Spirit defies cultural boundaries and gender stereotypes by naming the women in the biblical text. The blood of these women is in Jesus’ DNA. He wouldn’t be here without them. Mostly foreigners, some enemies, all mothers.

We stand in the tradition of resilient Tamar, innovative Rahab, driven Ruth, violated Bathsheba, chosen Mary. Though the ground was not level for the critical role they played, Jesus lived and died in such a way that he made the ground level at the foot of the cross for them. Today I excavate them so that you will know this truth and the truth would set you free. They are mothers of the faith and deserve honor and respect.

May your name be a prophetic disruption in your social and spiritual genealogies. Rahab throws the rope of hope and redemption your way and beckons you to scale walls with radical faith. May the living Spirit that overshadowed Mary birth the Kingdom through you. May you remember that the risen Christ deposited both his authority and his message because God’s promises are fulfilled to the world through women.

Today I honor the mujeres in my genealogy:

    • Inés Martínez Fernández (mat abuela)
    • Sara Aguirre de Velásquez (pat abuela)
    • Marivalle Lozano Martínez (mamá)

Also, can you get more #internationalwomensday than Selena?!

*bidi-bidi-bom bom*

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