Has it been that long really?…

So many things have changed since the last time I wrote on my blog! 6 months ago I didn’t have a 2 pound baby around 14 inches long growing in my belly. I used to be able to lift my laundry basket full of clothes and I wasn’t falling asleep at around 8pm in utter exhaustion. But as I sit here looking at Rob’s size 9.5 tennis shoes sitting on the carpet, next to a pair of newborn baby tennis shoes with the tags still on, I have no thoughts of those horrible contractions everyone keeps talking about, which I fear so much. SO! I am a mom, although I haven’t given birth, this child moves in me, has a 4-chambered heart according to the ultrasound, can open his eyelids, respond to my voice and Rob’s, he burps, hiccups, jumps, does somersaults, kicks me and makes me run to the pee-pee room quickly…

This little boy whom I’ve never seen is named Robert Nash McBryde. Robert after his daddy. Nash after a couple (Harold and Dena Nash) whom we love and respect. Rob likes to say that he named him “after his daddy, and then after a godly man [Harold]”. Haha! The McBryde last name apparently will continue on since he is the last/next male to carry on the name. If we were in Nicaragua, he would also have his mommy’s maiden name added to his birth certificate, passport, ID’s, and any other government document. So in my mind, he’s Robert Nash McBryde Velasquez. hehe! Funny thots. This all sounds so weird! 🙂

ANY-ways! August 31, give or take a few days, is coming up real soon. One of several reasons why I waited to have children was the labor pains and the videos in Biology I saw in highschool. But last week in my 1st childbirthing class I realized the inevitable….this baby is coming out, you can’t put him back, whether you’re ready or not! When we took the hospital tour of *the delivery bed* and I saw those stirrups… I hyperventilated a bit and had mild contractions. HA! People tell me, “Ines, you’re strong! don’t worry about it!” and I’m thinking….”Are you KIDDING me??!” I’m a woos (sp?) for pain. I can do a lot of *unsafe* things like travel to countries with travel alerts and eat camel meat, but a big head coming out of….well, your body like that, seems *impossible* to me…. BUT, “women have been doing this for AGES!” others tell me….”and they even go back and do it AGAIN! you forget the pain.” I want to tell those women: I’ll put you on speaker when I’m screaming at the hospital. 🙂

It’s normal to feel hesitant of unknown territory. Be compassionate with the first-timer. 🙂 I’m going to bed and keep growing this baby a little more…

2 thoughts on “Has it been that long really?…”

  1. Haha, hermana. As Caesar said when he crossed the Tiber river to take control of Rome, “The die is cast.” No turning back! But, that’s probably a good thing or none of us would get born :o)

    sp. = wuss

    ¡Que Dios les bendiga!

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