~2 x 2 anniversary~

4 years ago today I was getting my hair done before I put on my veil and wedding gown. I woke up determined that I didn’t care what went wrong that day, as long as Rob and the pastor marrying us were there. The cake came about an hour and a half late, undecorated, and that didn’t even bug me. The video guy also came 10 minutes after the ceremony was over, I think, so we don’t have a video of the wedding. But the photographer was awesome and so were my friends and family who volunteered to decorate, cut fruit, pass out programs, pick up out-of- country family at the airport, run to Kroger an hour before the pictures to buy new roses when my bouquet was accidentally left in the freezer a minute too long… but it was a glorious day and I was not going to be one of those bride-zillas. I was wearing white flip-flops on a December afternoon, but the “fall”-weather was gorgeous. Nothing could move me.

That week I had graduated from college. Taken 3 final exams. Presented my final thesis before a panel of instructors. Attended our wedding rehearsal + dinner. Kind-of sorta moved out of my apartment. And gotten married! I felt like super woman, but very exhausted.

I should be getting ready because I’m having lunch with my lovely husband today. But I wanted to take some time to thank God for these past 4 years of marriage. So much has happened that it feels like 10 years, haha! but in a good way obviously. Rob is the funniest guy, so encouraging of me, lovingly challenges me when I get out of line, we never let the sun go down if we’re mad at each other (which is rare! this sounds like we fight every week, haha), and he supports & protects me. He’s also my best friend and I’m still getting to know him more and more every day. I’m a better person because of him. Okay, I better go get ready or I will be fashionably late, as any good Nicaraguan would to a social gathering, but he still loves me! Yep, he’s gotten used to that about me, too. 🙂

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