Un nuevo amanecer

I’m going thru a difficult time. And what better time of the year to suffer yet a little more in life, than on Good Friday, when the ultimate sacrifice truly, really happened. My pain. How can it compare to my Lord’s? It doesn’t. BUT- my pain: was carried BY my Lord! so on Friday (well, you know, not quite 2008 years ago), my Lord was carrying this pain on the cross. He looks down on me today and reminds me, “I know. I carried it. I was there. Remember? I know how painful it is. The burden of the whole world was on my shoulders. BELIEVE me. I felt it. The sins you committed against me. And also the sins committed against you. Now, please let me continue carrying it for you. No need for you to be nailed on the cross.”

So my wise father tells me, as hot tears run down my face, in Spanish of course it sounds more beautiful, “Every great sunrise, has a really dark night before.” It doesn’t quite rhyme in English, “Cada buen amanecer, tiene un gran anochecer.” So, I’m looking forward to that dawn of hope. Sunrise that brings life. And I’m SO glad that God has brought me not only eternal life, but abundant life on earth (and the best part is that the Greek truly means, “soul life”). So, though my circumstances are painful, I wasn’t promised happy circumstances, I was promised a soul full of hope, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, temperance, self-control. Oh Lord- do I need patience and self-control today and the rest of this year!! Crucify my flesh Lord and let me be risen with You today! I desperately need you because you are risen. Help me rise above.


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