Book cover: The Good and Beautiful Bible Study

The Good and Beautiful Bible Study

Friends, Nicola Patton and I had the opportunity to contribute to this new study by Alabaster called The Good and Beautiful Bible Study. We each took a deep dive into one biblical character (Nicola wrote about Abigail and Inés on Hagar) and retold those stories with you in mind. A collection of 30 voices that we love, trust & respect.

We invite you to grab a copy for yourself, give it as a gift, or read with a group and reimagine some of these stories along with us.

Please go to Alabaster’s website to purchase!

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The Bible is good and beautiful. Its vast and historical recognition not only establishes its authority in our collective lives, but also shows us how its story and storytellers lead us to something bigger than ourselves.

In today’s contexts, it can be easy to reduce this ancient text to a set of brief takeaways, or moral to-do lists. But when we choose to see the Bible in this way we miss out on the fullness of what these stories can be-something wholly sensory and embodied. Instead, we can look to early traditions of storytelling as a guide to engaging with the Bible today. The first faith communities gathered around sacred Bible stories, learning to embody those stories from generation to generation.

We designed this Bible study using those early traditions as a guide. Inside, we focus on 30 stories from the Bible and through guided reading, reflections, curated art, and prayer-we invite you to engage with these Biblical stories anew. Let there be joy, kinship, and an abounding connection with goodness and all of creation. Amen.

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