Ninja Roach Diaries…

The roaches (they are NOT water bugs you people!) have come out, once again, from below the building, out of their cozy sewage drains, to catch some fresh air and fan themselves from the heat. Last week- they had a pleasant encounter with Nancy, who amused one by spraying roach spray down the drain- not a good idea since there are no vents down below. They came out by the dozens (dads, moms, granma’s on their wheelchair) and found comfort and refuge by flying onto someone’s pant leg as he walked thru the office door– a member of the board of directors for the Immigration Services guy who came for a meeting. Treopia, very diplomatically and hastily came over with a broom and said, “let me help you with that” and wacked it as the roach crawled up his very nice suit & tie attire. (Send more money to Steve, he can’t even afford an exterminator! is what I wanted to say). We didn’t stage this, by the way- it was all natural.

Today- another ninja roach was checking out Rob’s hot legs from the wall. Rob tried to send it flying to the other side of the cubicle wall when it did a somersault and landed on his desk, in turn Rob did a somersault out of his cubicle and screamed (or squealed?). The roach ended that mission on the other side of the cubicle wall- just as the Channel 7 anchorwoman, Christina Munoz was taking a shot of….the Ninja Roach AND Cesar Ortega talking about the food pantry (hmmm- hygienic). Check out Channel 7 News at 5:00pm for a close up on….Cesar (this is for reals).

When you go to the restrooms, watch your step and where you place your…..nalgas. You never know when another Ninja Roach might be taking a leak or taking a swim to cool off the summer heat or teaching its babies swim lessons. I won’t even tell you about another one who crawled up Alan’s leg a few months ago and made him run into his office and take his pants off (I didn’t see ANY of that at all). Next subject…..

The cheap way to deal with this? Ines had a bright idea and taped all 7 drains with transparent duck tape- it works, except when curious little kids decide to take the tape off.
more on the Ninja Roaches to come…


2 thoughts on “Ninja Roach Diaries…”

  1. My bedroom had mice when we lived in the Hillcrest house. I couldn’t bare to hear a “snap trap” close, so I thought I would try the sticky traps. Those are the worst things ever invented!!! If you actually catch a mouse, it ends up trying to bite its legs off (if it was lucky enough just to walk on it). Worse, if one falls on the trap, you have this mouse, half stuck to a trap, peering up to you helplessley with one beady eye (and squeaking). I couldn’t take it. I compromised and bought the covered snap traps so at least I didn’t have to view the aftermath.

    The point of that is… the sticky mouse traps are great for catching the big wood roaches. (We lived behind a restaurant in a house that was falling apart… we had lots of visitors… but the rent was cheap and we had a great porch!)

  2. I am so glad we don’t have roaches here in Austria!
    Your roach-catching methods are amazing – maybe you just in case you ever need to can apply at Terminix.

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