Loving the Blockers – Needs list

We are collecting donations of your used/new items for the Blocker family of 7, returning from Tunis to the USA on March 5 (but will arrive in Little Rock the weekend of March 8-9), for a furlough of 6 months. If you can donate any of the items below, please leave a comment with what you can provide. You will be much appreciated! Items will be collected at Mosaic, Mon-Thurs, 9am-5pm, leave at the front desk for Ines (562-3336)

Spatulas – got it
pasta servers – got it
measuring cups – Alana Leiva
ice cream scoop – Alana Leiva
oven holders – got it

storage and freezer bags – Sarah A
aliminum foil – Linda Miles
plastic wrap – Sarah A.
canisters for flour/sugar – Beverly Chesser

muffin pan – Kara G.
cookie sheets – Kara G.
pizza pan/stone – Kara G.

coffee maker – Kim Roth

Dish deter (Amy B) /dishwasher detergent

laundry detergent – Melanie Li
all purpose cleaners – Amy B.
kitchen towels
wash cloths – Amy B.
bath towels – Linda Miles (need a few more)
broom, dust pan – Melanie Li
vacuum cleaner – Ines
Linens for (2) queen (1 set -Alana),
(3) twin -(2 sets-Alana)
and (1) double bed sizes

additional random furniture:
dressers or plastic storage drawers for kids clothing.
desk or table for a computer – Amber Mickey
TWO CARSEATS! (gracie is almost 4; sam is 2)- Ines/Dana
Bikes or skates for the bigger kids
Toys for sam and gracie ( 4 and 2 yr old) – got some, could use few more

Amber’s idea for Shawna:
Girly lotions and soaps– Amber (great idea!)
wow…i’m overwhelmed to have received this email soliciting our needs. again, thank you so much.” Shawna on behalf of the B7

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  1. Hey it was really great meeting you guys and listening to your heart. It was very eye opening and very humbling. You guys are amazing. Keep working for Christ!

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