~leaves fall in the Fall~

So I was trying to be all “spiritual and stuff” in this monastic, silent room at the Arkansas House of Prayer, last October of 2011. Starting slow & tapering down my breathing. Quiet enough to hear my heart beating. Beating for a rhema word from God. Revelation that there’s still hope for this struggling heart. I thumb through my Bible. Slowly. Don’t want the pages to turn too loud lest I’m not quiet enough & I miss His Voice. Don’t wanna miss His voice. So He voices…

Why do leaves fall?

Huh? Wait. I’m in Ephesians. What does that have to do with anything? I’m trying to read the Word but missing some words hanging on a branch. Again He voices…
Why do leaves fall?

I look out the window at the turning leaves. Never grew up with this in Nicaragua. Was always fascinated that in the USA leaves changed to fiery red, bright orange, lightning yellow…and then they fell. Well DUH. Leaves fall because they fall! That’s why it’s called Fall, remember? I tell the Voice.
Go home & do a search on why leaves fall.

Fast forward to a search at a website called “science made simple”. Because Lord knows I need simple. The rhema came alright. It came after digging through some scientific mumbo jumbo about the intricate processes between summer & winter, between the tree, the sun, water, roots, food, leaves… Simple. Yet hard. Yet common. Yet I had never paid attention. I was looking down & not looking up at the trees. 
During the winter there’s not enough light nor water to produce food for the tree, so the trees rest and live off of the food they have stored up in the summer. Then the brown got me. The brown color in the leaves that fall is made from wastes left in the leaves. Leaves fall. Let go of this unnecessary waste. If they don’t fall, they weigh down the tree inside and out. They stunt the tree’s growth. There’s no room for new growth come Spring around the corner.

So…moral of my story is… did you know trees poop thru their leaves when they fall?!

Deep sigh. Maybe I’m in the winter of my soul. In need to throw off unnecessary weight, waste. Store up Truth in my heart. Make room for growth. Don’t stop my growth. Some things have GOT to go if I’m going to see some Spring in my future. In the wise words of one unnamed brotha’ when I shared this story for 3rd time, at Castle Bluff, “I think I’ve been constipated for a long time”.
So this happened last year. And today I found a letter that I wrote myself last year to remember what God taught me thru the Fall leaves. I opened the card and a brown dried up leaf fell off onto my lap. My heart leapt. My rhema came again. At just the right moment. Just when the heater broke down, the car broke down, my heart broke down at the fees associated with said heater, the other car is making strange sounds, hard conversations, hard repentance, hard waiting, hard-to-receive-Grace, choosing not to worry, rebuking the Lies. Just when I needed Him. He walked by me & called my name. Last year’s faith was stored up in the mail & I’m living off of it today.
Encounter the person of Jesus in this story: Read Mark 10:46-52.

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