Kim’s making me answer these introspective questions

1) What did you accomplish this past week?
I hung the Austrian & Swaziland flags in our missions corner, finally (oops, sorry, I meant to say Rob hung them becuz I don’t climb scaffolding); I advanced planning on the missions conference, I babysat my five (5) siblings, I brought my lunch to work and lost 3 lbs doing so, I translated documents, I babysat the 5 again, I cleaned my inbox down to 3 emails from 50 something, I had meetings & survived them, I cleaned house, did laundry, cooked some, I made my bed almost every day (which I hate), I ran errands, we celebrated my dad’s 59th b-day at Cracker Barrel…

2) Did anything not go as expected?
I missed my Arabic class because my day got busy, how in the world will I ever learn to read those squiggly lines if I don’t make it to class?

3) What was the highlight of your week?
I made it to worship rehearsal & had a rehearsal full of worship, it was SO refreshing! I haven’t had time to sing with the team in like a whole year. Some say it’s because *i sound flat* (inside joke). 🙂

4) Did anything exciting happen that you did not expect?
I had to drive to Conway to meet with Kristi, a woman I’m trying to get to know better. I didn’t expect to make it from Alexander to Conway in 30 minutes in the rain. I didn’t expect to have such a relaxing drive listening to Classical music. You must really love God to drive 30+ minutes to go to church every Sunday! (in my personal opinion, and that’s not a judgement if you drive less than 30 min. to go to church).

It’s Angelika’s turn now 😉

3 thoughts on “Kim’s making me answer these introspective questions”

  1. Hi, Ines!

    So great to peek into your world… I love the introspective questions and think we might have to add those to the dinner table discussion! Who’s Kim?

    Yes, we’re very new to blogging but it already beats the headache of an annual newsletter hands down.


  2. I will post – I’ll be on the train to Graz tomorrow with a lot of time to spare …

    And I’m trying to remember – but I think the last time I heard you sing, you sounded a little flat as well 😉 (that was a joke, btw)

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