Justice in the Bible 8-module course

Justice in the Bible: Faith+Lead Course by Luther Seminary

Faith+Lead Course by Luther Seminary

Inés teaches an 8-module online course for Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead, the seminary’s online resource for a fully-formed faith. The course Justice in the Bible costs $55 and you can find more information here.

Justice in the Bible

Cultivate a Heart for God’s Justice

Be the change you hope to see in the world with this intentional and faith-driven approach to peace-making, neighbor-love, and social action. In Justice in the Bible, you’ll learn not only to act justly but to live justly—embracing the shift from fixing problems to embodying God-guided solutions.

By engaging in deep spiritual practices, biblical wisdom, and real case studies that span personal, institutional, and systemic examples, you will expand your imagination of what biblical justice looks like in the real world, and explore the ways faith, service, and advocacy intertwine.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the deep roots of justice in the Bible, from the teachings of the prophets to the life and ethics of Jesus.
  • Get inspired by stories of communities and churches that are actively embodying justice, and explore effective ways to engage in your own community.
  • Respond to God’s call on your life through practices of discernment that help you discover where you are needed to make a difference.
  • Learn practical strategies for advocating faithfully in your context, whether you’re new to faith-based justice work or seeking to deepen your journey.
  • Cultivate a heart for God’s justice through spiritual practices that help you discern where and how God is prompting you to act.

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