God whispers, it’s both a verb & a noun

My beloved friend Margaret Feinberg writes in The Sacred Echo, that God whispers so that we can be still long enough to listen. I’ve been drawn even more to this thought as I read through a HUGE God whisper by another beloved author, Ann Voskamp, in one thousand gifts. God speaks to us in the every day mundane things and I’ve been making a list, as I shared with you all on my last post.

So I received one such God whisper in the mail a few days ago. It was a belated birthday card from a lady who always signs at the bottom, “your American Grandmother”. This lady is over 75 years old and for the life of me I don’t know how she remembers my birthday. Whether I move from one college apartment to another, to now the home I share with my hubby & son, she ALWAYS finds my address! I mean, why keep up after 22 years? I think I know. She gave my dad a ride to the airport on the most tragic day of his life. She made the invitation for my family to come to the USA. She’s always been there for us ever since. Like a little angel of the Lord reminding us of God’s gentle hand when your world turns upside down and then explodes. But still, God speaks thru her persistence. Such is His love. He runs after me. No matter how far away I’ve gone from Him. No matter where I’ve been or stand today. No matter the juxtaposition of offending emotions in my small little heart. He’s there. He finds my forwarded address and finds. Me. HERE.

The whisper was so loud in this card that I had to share it with you, friend. Because it’s my turn to whisper Truth into your confused, tired, dried up heart, perhaps? Here it is. The card came late because it got returned to her. I’ve moved on her, again! But she insisted. Sent it back to me. Do you send God’s message back to Him because you don’t want it? Holy Spirit asks. But. God sends it back. RETRY! Try again to hear my love whisper child. You doubt? okay. Here again:

You’re a Gift from God

Remember, you go nowhere by accident.
Wherever you go, God is sending you.
Wherever you are, God has placed you there.
God puts you there for a reason.
Christ goes with you and empowers you.
It is His Spirit that works through you wherever you go or wherever you are.
So believe this, and then go confidently in His name,
knowing that the love, joy, and grace of Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
will be with you always.

Enjoy the path God has you in! Walk forward with joy in the Lord!
He has you here for “such a time as this”!

You are loved, your American Grandmother, Donna Thomas

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