God forges us into His image and we forge things

Our friend Mike Deibert started a Vocational School in Nicaragua to help (and mentor) young men learn a trade in welding, blacksmithing, working with metal, and fixing diesel engines. I’ve been amazed at how much he has accomplished in only a few years time. He literally went around the USA looking for donated tools, scrap metal, and whatever else you need for a welding school– filled a container and sent it to Managua. I’m sure there’s more to it but I don’t know all the details!

A few weeks ago he sent another of his amazing updates on the school and his students. Here is what he wrote. It spoke to me in so many different levels. A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps when you read him and look at the picture he’s pointing at, it will speak to you and your life in a way that my words can’t.

For me, it represented: hope & congratulations! (with an exclammation mark). As I look back to the past several years, I can get bogged down with the failures & mistakes I’ve made, while overshadowing what God has done in me and others thru the trials. But when I saw this picture God straight up said to me, “Inés, look where you have come from! Imagine what more I will do in you and through you! You’re doing great kid! Keep on keepin’ on!”

Okay, I hope the picture speaks to your heart. YOU and I are truly in God’s hands and on our way to all that God has for us…. Mike writes: Things have been progressing at the vocational school. The first accomplishment I’d like to share with you is about one of my students, Jaime. Jaime is one of my students who has been with me since the start of the vocational school. He has shown great willingness to learn and exceptional leadership among the other students. In the picture you can see some of Jaime’s progress. You’ll notice two chairs in the picture. The chair on the right is one that Jaime designed and built six months ago. The chair on the left is one that he designed and built two weeks ago. Can you see the progress? Can you see how far he has come? I am very proud of him and believe he is on his way to being all God has for him.

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  1. WOW! After reading your note, then seeing the photo, tears came to my eyes. I am those chairs too. God has brought me so far, has taught me so much, and I am completely humbled that the Creator choses to mold me into something better every day (for His glory, not mine lest I forget). Thank you for sharing, Ines.

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