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SO! hello? anybody out there? *thumping finger on the mike* 1, 2, 3, check. Well, I have neglected writing anything in the last few weeks. I guess this new job and life in general (like sleeping in late in the mornings) has kept me from the written word. I don’t have much to say except that I’m also procrastinating right now. I should be writing a support letter for my trip to Algeria, but like the queen of procrastination that I am, I find anything else to do instead of what I should do. The problem is that I’d like to begin the opening of this letter a certain way, but I’m considering the consequences, and the little voice inside me says, “be wise”. So, on to other things…

So instead let me congratulate my “little brother” (who’s like a foot taller than me) on turning twenty-seven last Monday. The only reason I still call him my little brother is to remind him that I’m older. ha! My brother Ali is the coolest 27-year old brother you could ever have. Thinking back to the fights growing up, the unnecessary arguments, the petty words said to each other, makes me laugh now. You know that saying, “you don’t know what you got, till it’s gone“? well, when we both were gone to college is probably when we became better friends and appreciated each other more. Since then we’ve grown, matured, challenged each other, got upset at each other, forgiven each other, and most important learn to love each other better (loving others the way THEY want to be loved, not the way YOU want to love them). I enjoy talking on the phone with Ali cuz he always says something to make me laugh, but also he always has encouraging words where God speaks directly to me, through him (and don’t tell him I say this, cuz you know, he’s “little” bro). We both are *tight* now, much different than the hormonal teens we once were.

The latest on my bro is that he’s been recommended by the pastor of his church as a candidate to be an elder. My initial first thoughts as a protective sister were, “oh no!!!”, because after working in paid-full-time-ministry for several years, I knew the stress & pain (and joy, too, but more pain) this would bring into his life, marriage, etc. But of course, it’s an honor to know he’s even been considered for such a critical position in the Body of Christ. This has caused much *discussion* and controversy with their elder board because of his young age, so it’s up to men to figure that out with God. Good thing it doesn’t depend on me! So, when they figure it out, it’d be fun to say that my brother, the elder, is really not the elder of the sibling bunch. He still has to mind me, you know. haha! He really doesn’t have to mind me, he does just fine without me!

And now, a blast to the past picture from the 80’s when we were visiting Acapulco, in a boat headed to see the “virgin Mary of Guadalupe” statue somewhere in the bottom of the sea (we never saw it, we didn’t get a refund for the boat ride either).

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