Fuller Chaplains: Brenda, Kevin, and Ines

be faithful, fruitful & finish well

I’ve delayed writing this post because I have been nostalgic about it, but for those of you who don’t know as of June 30 I resigned from my Chaplain role at Fuller Seminary. It was a decision born out of communal discernment, as an act of self care, and a step of faith.

My rhythms of life had become unsustainable, you see, even though I was doing what I love the most to provide pastoral care to students, staff and faculty. However, I am also a co-lead pastor of a church plant in a pandemic, wife, mom, daughter, friend. I had to fight the myth of the superwoman, the one that historically does ALL the things, pushes through the pain, at a cost to her self and her soul. But what good is it if we gain the world and lose our soul?

As I turn my full attention and affection to co-lead pastoring with my brother @thebobharrison full time @thechurchwehopefor, i want to honor this time and mark the moment.

Here are just a sample of the sights, sounds and soul of what I had the honor to do with THE most amazing teammates in academia. There are some amazing sacred ground moments in Chapel that will never occur again because the Spirit showed up in a mighty way thanks to these creatives.

I thank my fellow chaplains @kevindoi and @brenda_bertrand for their soulful and Christ-centered spirituality. I’ve never met two leaders with their degree of integrity. Walking alongside the incredible @julienomiddlenametai and the one-of-a-kind Fuller Chapel Team. Creating safe counseling spaces, racial trauma processing groups, call discernment, workshops, retreats, spiritual direction groups, affinity groups for WOC, and so much more not pictured here.

These teammates are familia to me and unfortunately they can’t get rid of me. I will be closely watching them as they continue to co-create with the Spirit and expand our spiritual imaginations to nourish the life of the church.

I love each of you deeply and every student, staff and faculty who entrusted me to be a traveling companion, conversation partner and invited me into their story.

I’m not leaving you. I will be down the road at the @thechurchwehopefor should you need me!

These are a few of my stones of remembrance.



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