a beautiful Mosaic…

So this morning I was noticing again how beautiful it is to worship in unity with so many diverse peoples. The music style was gospel with a song or two in spanish. Harold brought a powerful message to us called “Who is Jesus?” pointing out that the Apostle John wanted everyone to know that Jesus was and is God. On top of that, Mark mentioned to me in passing that “only at Mosaic would you see a U.S. Senator and the guitarist for P.O.D.” Too true. It’s a lovely mixed salad of different folks ranging from those who speak little or no English, to the homeless guy walking in off the street, to the dozens of different nationalities such as Guatemalan, Cameroonian, Italian, Saudi Arabian, etc., and a Senator and the dude from P.O.D.

I love my church and the tri-une God it is trying to emulate!

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