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When I Said No, I Really Meant Yes

The last 48-hours have been intense in my heart. Let me explain…

Yesterday I was still basking in the glory of having finished a 9 month intensive Bible class at the Downline Institute in Little Rock. Graduation Monday night was bittersweet, but it couldn’t come fast enough. I was wilting away and running on fumes. The grueling schedule works around your full-time work schedule so that you attend classes Monday nights for 2 hours and Wednesday mornings another 2 hours….beginning at 5:45am. You read that right. That was A to the M. Then one extra Friday morning (or 2) a month. It was worth dragging out of bed when it all was said and done, but most definitely had it not been for the support of my husband and son, I couldn’t have finished. Continue reading When I Said No, I Really Meant Yes